Saturday, 10 October 2015

What Documents Should You Submit to Stuart FL Personal Injury Lawyer?

It is important to give clear and detailed information about the case to your lawyer. It has to be given in quick time and complete manner. It can be regarding your accident, suffering and pain and medical expenses compensation. To get a speedy and resolution to your case, you have to provide all necessary information to your lawyer. Ensure to give the documentation that is needed to follow a settlement. Some of important information you have to provide is as follows.
  • Driver license information, insurance details, and vehicle information
  • Information regarding the accident, including; traffic and weather condition, location, time, date, other vehicle information, details about the passengers and drivers.
  • Contact information and name for witnesses
  • Copies of the incident or accident reports filed
  • Medical records and physician report associated with the accident
  • Test and X-ray results related to car accident or taken after the car accident
  • Train tickets written copies taken at the scene.
  • Information regarding the change of tickets
  • Information about the drivers involved
  • Insurance companies documents and copies of the documents relating to the accident
  • Documentation of wages lost, hours, and days due to the accident
  • Records and details of expenses for ongoing treatment, therapies, and medications
It is necessary to note down each and every expense you spend from your side because of the accident. If possible, you can also take pictures of the accident scenario or record the accident scene for further evidence. Take a diary and note contacts, expenses and appointments you have fixed with the insurance company. You can also write your medical condition and general condition because of the accident.
An experienced lawyer dealing with personal injury Stuart FL cases charges according to the case. It will mostly depend on the following factors.
  • Size of the settlement
  • Whether the lawyer must pursue litigation
  • Time is taken for settlement
  • The complexity or seriousness of the case

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