Tuesday, 3 November 2015

ADA Guidelines Have Freed Disable People From Discrimination

An act was brought out to in favor of disabled people regarding the facility of bathrooms. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that the bathrooms that are made for public and commercial facilities should be made as per the guideline so that it can be used by people with disabilities.
The places that are open to public like stores, shopping malls, hotels, motels, etc. should have toilets that follow the ADA rules. Failure to these rules leads to a form of discrimination.

Some of the important guidelines about the sink and toilet stall
The sink should not be made so high that a person on hills cannot get into it. It should be 34 inches from the floor. The clearance space should not be more than 30 inches which is suitable for an adult. It should have a setting for children ageing from 6 to 12 years.
The stalls should be kept 56 inches deep and should be mounted on walls. Installations of grab bars are also necessary. It should also have a toilet dispenser that can be operated with one hand. Flushing of the toilet should be manual or automatic technique and should not be 36 inches from the floor.

Guidelines are also made for bathtubs and Shower stalls
The ADA guidelines state that the bathtub should clear the space in front of them and should possess a bath seat. The enclosure of bathtub should not obstruct the transfer of the disabled person from the bathtub to a wheelchair. Shower stalls should be equipped with seats and shower spray hose that is at least 5 feet long.

You should not discriminate people as per disabilities. So, ADA guidelines are made for their benefit and to encourage the disabled people. The ADA compliancy has helped the disabled people to an extreme extent.