Friday, 2 June 2017

7 Quirky Ideas For The Perfect Cottage-Door Setting

Imagine a home nestled far away in the woods, the doors painted in different hues and tones. If this sounds like a setting straight from a fairy tale story, you can turn it into reality by following these simple DIY ideas. click here if you want to implement home décor ideas featured in
Go Dutch
You can create a Dutch door for the entrance by splashing bright colors on the wooden door. These shades are a major attraction for onlookers and visitors to your home. Give the passageway an interesting twist by dividing the door into two equal parts. Open the top portion to enjoy a cool breeze or talk to passers-by.
Include window panes, so there is a continuous flow of light even when the doors are closed.
Highlight The Doors
If the door of your home is hidden from view owing to its placement, you can highlight them by including bright colors or placing eye-grabbing accents. They turn into a stand-out feature owing to the bright tones and hanging flower pots. Take the extra step and add some greenery to highlight the façade.
Include Props And Accessories
Give the entrance a cottage –like an appeal by including quirky accessories. Place an anchor knocker and prop a sailing boat or ship-lantern fixtures for the scintillating effect.
Go For Interesting Themes
Choose from themes like a beach house setting or a floral garden with help from props and accessories. You can highlight the framework in a tone that matches the shutter. Hang birdhouses,  pots, and planters to give an appearance of a look taken straight from a classic novel.
Sea’ The Change
You can try and create a scene or give the entrance an illusion of a place. For instance, paint the doors in sea blue shade and place ship-like containers and appropriate sign boards to welcome your guests. Place a miniature fountain by the side or place objects that remind them of the sea.
Pay Attention To Details
Accentuate the front door by painting it with a shade of red or any other dark color. Buy extra fixtures like a vintage-style door knob and strategically place greenery. You can let them hang from the balcony or place them in designer urns.

If your home has an arched front door, you can turn them into works of art by including a curved roof over the door. Highlight the curves by playing with different shades of colors. Imagination is the limit when you want to experiment dabble with the door colors and the paint used on the walls.

Bold And Beautiful
Get creative and hang an interesting quote or a moniker a little above the door. You can choose any inspirational message or add side windows, lantern fittings that direct the attention to the façade. Often, you can pick an unfinished wooden door from the market and paint them in colors of your choice.

You can match them with the exterior accessories or place a comfortable cushion near the doorway.  Watch your guests sit on the couch while they admire the cottage-like passageway.

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