Sunday, 6 August 2017

Why Safety Matters More Than Speed: Tips For Safe Driving

Did you know that out of the total car crashes in New York City, nearly 40 per cent has resulted in a serious threat to life?  If you have been a victim of a car accident, connect with a local attorney now to make claims or settle insurance bills. contact them here or enter your zip code on to get started.
Read the following safety tips and guidelines for a safe drive.
Monitor Your Speed
When you cruise along at 100mph, you probably wouldn't have noticed the glaring speed limit sign on the road. These signs have been posted by the road authorities, so drivers do not crash and collide with other vehicles. One of the major causes of road death is over-speeding.
People want to reach their destination as fast as possible, and they hit the accelerator without thinking too much about the effects of over-speeding. Just think, do you rather increase your odds of colliding by 50 per cent or would you prefer driving at the normal speed without risking your life?
Stay Away From Phones
It sounds cool and hip when one shouts out, "Look, Man, no hands," but the thought of fracturing an arm or dislocating a hip bone is equally terrifying. These days, one of the major distraction is the ubiquitous smartphone. It is tempting to read the message or reply to the email when the phone buzzes. Attempting to multitask is dangerous and can cost one their life.
Several states have implemented rules that ban the use of phones while driving. Other activities like attempting to eat while steering, talking animatedly with a co-passenger and applying makeup are other safety concerns.
Say No To Tailgate
In cities like Chicago and New York, tailgating is not new to drivers. With vehicles piling up and bumper to bumper traffic, several drivers either following too closely or apply brakes suddenly to avoid a collision. These sudden and abrupt jerks can lead to personal injuries like back pain and other related problems.
Leave a small amount of distance between your car and the motorist ahead. In the case of emergency, there is space in front of you, and you can avoid a headlong collision.
Plan An Alternative Route
Develop an emergency exit or plan an alternative route when you are on the road. If you find that there has been a major breakdown in the next lane, avoid the route and take another road to move without interruptions. With knowledge and presence of mind, this skill can be practiced over time.
Seatbelt Mode On
When you wear seatbelts while driving, you reduce the risk of injuries in case of a collision. Seat Belts prevent you from being thrown out of the moving vehicle and keep you in place. A recent report by NHTSA confirmed that majority of the road accidents were caused because the drivers had forgotten to wear seatbelts.

Parents must ensure that their kids have their seatbelts fastened around them in the vehicle. With a conscious effort and by adhering safety guidelines, you can avert danger and reach your destination safely.

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