Sunday, 17 December 2017

Most Sought After Kitchen Equipment - Commercial Dishwashers

In any restaurant or bar, apart from the essential components of taste and ambiance, the service levels are a vital consideration. To meet up with the expectation of the guest, it becomes imperative for the restaurant owner and staff to incorporate some innovative ways to enhance the quality and speed of service offered. By saving time in few back office work like keeping the kitchen systematic, clean, one can do many value additions in the commercial space. Commercial dishwashers have gained popularity due to its incredible benefits. With the growing demand, Warewashing Solutions, an established name in bar equipment manufacturing industry offers various models of dishwashers. If you are in the restaurant business, keep yourself updated with the new trends and technologies through an online catering portal

During busy days of the weekend, when the restaurants receive a maximum booking, there are many challenges which arise. Meeting up with the timelines, maintaining service quality and faster turnaround time of getting the table ready for the next booking becomes very essential. By installing quality equipments and doing automation of specific work, processes can prove to be beneficial for the staff. Some of the benefits of the commercial dishwasher which would attract your attention include:
1. High capacity, durability, and sturdiness: The dishwasher in commercial space are expected to take considerable volumes. With the constant circulation of vessels and dishes, they are supposed to run longer. These heavy duty commercial dishwashers are designed to take the rigorous wear and tear and run longer without any breakdown. Even the smaller models have the capacity of running thirty cycles a day. Hence by purchasing these models, the restaurant owner can save on space and time. Due to enhanced durability, chances of replacement and damage are less. Thus it provides a good value for investment done.
2. Faster and shorter washing cycles: Every minute matter. The faster the clean dishes, cutlery, and glasses are made available; the smoother and efficient will be the service of the staff. Thus to satisfy this concern, commercial dishwashers are designed to have shorter washing cycles ranging between four to six minutes. The psychological effect of the speedy display of the cutlery on the table for the customers is that they have been attended well and the ordered dish will be served soon.
3. Power saver: The restaurant owner has many overhead costs to worry about. Thus any sought of saving can prove to be advantageous for the operation. Commercial dishwashers are energy efficient, consuming barely ten to fifteen watts per cycle.
While undoubtedly, commercial dishwashers should be made part of every kitchen considering the above benefits, the price could be a concern for few. Especially if you have a new startup and limited capital to invest, there is also an option of hiring these equipments on rent in the initial stage. You can compromise on few other luxurious equipments, but buy or rent a dishwasher at the earliest for increasing the efficiency and service levels of your setup. Remember, the first impression is the last one, especially in the service industry. So why to miss the chance to impress and earn the loyalty of a happy diner by making a few service and investment decisions?

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